We have stored one of the most Prestigious wine competition on the world

We have stored one of the most Prestigious wine competition on the world

Thummerer Winery won 3 gold and 2 silver medal in one of the most prestigious wine contest of the world. Unfourtunatelly, they didn’t have time to celebrate due to Covid-19, th’s why this report had to wait till this day.


One of the most prestigious , if not THE most prestigious, wine contest of the world, the Challange International du Vin has been set in April. Every winery, sommelier, oenologist or simply just a well educated wine-lover familier with that contest, and could admit it’s high position.

It is a really big thing, to win one medal from this event. When you earn only one of them, you can count on a world known recognition after. In 2020, the Thummerer Winery quintupled it, which easily put them on a map.


„We belive it is really important, to get tested and take place in this competition. The 3 gold and 2 silver medal is a huge achivement for us! We are really proud, this is a great feedback for our winery, that we must be doing something right after all this years.”


  • said Thummerer Vilmos, the founder of the winery.


This competition was taking place for the 44th time this year. The jury taste the wines blinded, which means they can’t see which wine belongs to which winery. In this year, more than 33 country tried 3838 of their wines, which were tasted by 800 foretaster. The winery came with 5 wines, all of them are well-bodied dry red ones from 2016, and all of them got a medal in bordeaux.