Chardonnay du Monde – Our Gold medal, our success our way to it

Chardonnay du Monde – Our Gold medal, our success our way to it

It fills us with immense joy each and every year when we see, that not only we, who produce, but all of you enjoy our wines. There are some of them, which we even nominate to international competitions. We believe, that our main profile is not only the dry, bodied red wines but their white pairs too, with the same abilities.

One of our most titled grapes is the Chardonnay, which we prepare with Battonage technology. The elegant wine, which the grape finally became, was nominated to a French competition, specially dedicated to this grape type.


Since the first competition in 1993, the Chardonnay du Monde became one of the most known wine-championship in the world. Chardonnays with every taste, method, and form can be nominated – from the lightest, through champagnes, to the most bodied ones. To make the right decision, sometimes there are 300 people in the professional jury. They taste the wines in complete silence, without seeing any of the nominated bottles. After all the points are adding up, they declare the final winners of the categories.


In 2020, our Chardonnay Battonage 2018, as an only Hungarian winery, won a gold medal in its category. Several other Hungarian wineries came home with silver medals, but our winery’s Chardonnay got the golden title.


There are 35 countries with more than 300 samples, and 27 of them got a fee. 55% of the professional jury came from outside French, to secure impartiality.


Our success became one of the big news in Hungary. You can watch the interview with subtitles and some of the articles in English. Click to the button to download!