Bikavér pack

Eger’s most famous wine, the Bullsblood. According to a legend, Dobó István’s fighters drank this in 1552, before and along the protection of the castle againts the turkish horde. We are very proud of this tale, so every winery trying to keep it’s great name. We weren’t be satisfied just for this title, our mission is to bring it to a higher level. 2016 was a really successful year for us, especially when we talk about the grapes. The weather was soo warm, we could harvest them with high sugar level, which lead it to a perfect ripening. To give it the Superior title, it has to be at a higher level from the haervesting to the actual taste, so we only make this type of wine from the best vintages. We used 50-50% of the grapes from Pannonian Basis and secular types. We added Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah to the Blauburger base. Due to this blend, final product is a well-bodied red dry wine, with the smell of fruits and spicies. The fermentation process took 18 months in wood barrels, with whole malolactic fermentation, which was followed by a long period of bottle maturing to maximalize it’s complexity.

It can give the prefect harmony with beef and proud flesh based dishes, sevred in 16-18°C.

6 bottle Egri Bikavér Classicus 2020/ pack

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