Prestige selection in wooden box

Our winery’s favorite wines are now available in a selection. The white wine of our prestige selection is named after one of our family members, a grandson who is now involved in the management of the winery. The Polett, dreamed as a great white wine, wich is made from a blend of our favorite grape varieties. A truly characteristic, complex white wine that promises the taste of the name giver.

The red wines of our selection are considered to be the flagship of our winery, named after our founder, high quality Vili papa cuvée 2011 and 2016 wines. The differences in the breath can be clearly seen after the successive tastings, so it can be a specialty even for those who are seriously interested. In our experience, dry red wines with the potential of 20 years, made exclusively in the best vintages, can provide a truly outstanding experience due to the highly retained yield and long bottle maturation.

We heartily recommend it to anyone who is truly committed to good wines and unique flavors.

Polett Cuvée Superior 2018
Vili Papa Cuvée Superior 2011
Vili Papa Cuvée Selection 2016

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