Dear wine lover Friends!

Dear wine lover Friends!

Regarding to COVID-19, we also took the necessary steps – overall sanitizing, educating all of our staff members about personal and general hygiene that can prevent the presence and spreading of the virus.

The purchase of bottled wine for individuals is not available at our winery in Noszvaj until further notice.

For those who still prefer online shopping, we would like to give a little gift with coupons.
After buying wine online, we ship a coupon with the purchased wines that can be used in the next 30 days for your next online order. The rate of the coupon depends on your order total. These 3 types will be sent out:
0-10.000 HUF – 5% gift coupon
10.000-20.000 HUF – 10% gift coupon
20.000 HUF and over – 15% gift coupon

These coupons will continue to be sent out until 15th of April, 2020.

We wish all of you good health! Take care of yourselves and each other. In favor of the health of society, do everything we can according to government informant.