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About Us

Our winery’s uniqueness comes from three main things: dedication, preserve and generation-oriented thinking. It’s all started in 1984 when our family enterprise bought its first fields in the Eger wine region. The base area was growing over the years, so now has around 100 hectares. From 2013 we were able to make – not just wines, but traditional champagne too.

Our passion is to make the best quality possible with a mix of traditional and modern devices. We need to keep our standard quality – or bring it to an even higher level. We believe, that this mentality helped us through all these years, and that is the main reason why we could be successful not just in our country, but in the international field too.


Our winery’s center is located in Noszvaj, a lovely village only 12km far from Eger. The base construction – which was once built as an estate manor, and was 2000 m2 already –was carved out by hand into the volcanic tuff mountain, more than a century ago. Through the years, we extended that old cellar with another, 2200 m2 cellar system. To keep the method, it is also carved into the volcanic tuff hill, but this time, with a machine. This balanced temperature inside provides the best terms for our wine’s fermentation.


To reach this prominent level, we have to work with the best vineyards. We believe, that we should choose the optimal grape to the soil, to get the best quality as possible. From planting to picking, we love to take our place in the process. We have all the materials and devices that we need, to form the riped grapes into something magical. So after picking them, we carefully ship them to our winery, where after all the process, it is ready to consume in the best quality as usual.


Our passion is to bring innovative technologies to the traditional process, that is why we try and purchase the recently applied sciences into our courses. In that way, we can increase the level of our wines and the most important, our whole winery.


Thanks to our fields we could both produce white and red grapes. Most of our white wines are made with reductive technology and directed fermentation, but we promote some which are fermented in barrique barrels (Chardonnay battonage, Egri Csillag Superior). We think our main profile is the red, dry, bodied ones, whiches after picking the grapes, we left them on their skin for 2-4 weeks. That process is usually followed by 1,5-2 years of oak barrel fermentation (etc Bikavér Classicus, Bikavér Superior, Bikavér Grand Superior) and before selling, we keep them in bottles for at least half a year. Most of the red ones aged in barrique barrels (Vili papa Cuvée, Evoé cuvée, Tekenőháti Merlot), but we also have fruity, young, reductive ones in our market.

The time verify us because from the institution we collected some of the biggest awards in our country and in the international fields too:


  • 1995: Thummerer Vilmos „Wine Producer of the year in Hungary”
  • 1994 and 1996: Most efficient family operating winery
  • 2011: „Wine Cellar of the year in Hungary”
  • 2013 and 2017: The most efficient Wine Cellar of Hungary
  • 2018 : The Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit



Our winery’s founders and leaders are Thummerer Vilmos and her wife, Katalin. Every leader of the management is a family member: 3 children, grandchildren, son-in-laws, and daughter-in-laws all together.


Due to the wild variety of possibilities, everyone found their way, where they can give the most to our winery and feel the passion about the most too. We believe that without our 30 fix employees and our head winemaker, József Lamport, who helping us since 2004, with his outstanding competence, we could not be where we are now.

Öreg Mezei
Országos Borverseny, nagydíj


Consumption of alcohol is prohibited under the age of 18 in Hungary.