2 packed wine box

Eger winereligion has two item, which known worldwide: Bikavér and it’s white pair, Egri Csillag. Every year thousands of turist come to our city, as a holiday destination, so it wasn’t a question for us to provide them the Eger’s most famous products in a not just portable save, but unique and elegant package. While Bikavér is a bodied, dry red wine with nice tannins and historical background, Egri Csillag is an absolute greenhorn next to it, with it’s 10 years experience in the market. In taste and look they are perfect contrast of each other, because the latter one is more light and fruity, with a hint of freshness in it – basically the typical reductive. In this double package format everyone could taste and find out what the hype is about. Perfect gift for others or yourself after the holiday, or could bring back great memories about trips – but one thing is stable: the quality.

Egri Csillag Classicus 2023, Egri Bikavér Classicus 2020 / pack

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